11 Life Lessons Composing Poems Taught Me:

  1. We go on an endless search for the right word that perfectly rhymes and matches our thoughts. Sometimes, a chaotic and an unruly moment in there sounds good too!

2. It takes a lot of time to find our own styles. It is full of struggles and experiments but we trust the process.

3. We might have favorite poets, writers and influencers to derive inspiration from but life and nature are the ones we stick by.

4. Not everyone likes our work. There are several harsh criticisms and jaded appreciations, still we do it for ourselves. It makes us happy.

5. We put ‘words to your thoughts’. If we have the power to do it, we’ll do it for others too. “When you help someone, you help everyone.”

6. We often stumble upon the best ideas, best sentences and best words in our darkest times. Therefore, as much as orange and purple skies are important, grey ones are too.

7. There are moments when we find ourselves reflecting on a perfectly rounded thought. R.I.P to all such prompts we lost to lack of notepads and our ‘genius’ memories. When opportunity knocks, just open the door.

8. Be proud of yourself but not so much.

9. We make mistakes! The stupidest ones. And we’re pretty much still in the business. Never be too hard on yourself.

10. Consistency is the key. With people. With health. With goals. With writing.

11. There are no rules.

Student | Fuels her grind with poetry, philosophy, art, music and travelling. Advocates for feminism, mental health and courage. Likes to talk in third person.