11 Life Lessons Composing Poems Taught Me:

  1. We go on an endless search for the right word that perfectly rhymes and matches our thoughts. Sometimes, a chaotic and an unruly moment in there sounds good too!

2. It takes a lot of time to find our own styles. It is…

Mr. Keating said “We don’t read and write poetry because it’s cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race. And the human race is filled with passion”. This passion, zeal, fire, angst within us keeps us alive. It draws the tiny line between surviving…

Marriage. Lovely and complex. Intimate and vulnerable. Fascinating and strange. Is love always enough? Frank and April Wheeler are everything a broken marriage is about. They are what the young middle-class is about. They are the real people who dream about living only to be dragged down by the bitter reality.

Revolutionary Road devastates us in rather an expert way. It tears us into pieces beautifully. It is always bad. It is melancholic, poetic, disturbing in all senses you have ever known. But, it is realistic. It is depressing. It is how a lot of marriages turn out to be in our world.

And above all things, it has our favorite pair Leo and Kate. With exquisite performances that never fail to capture and tug at the right emotions, the film is well written, well shot and well received. If anything, watch it for Winslet.

Once in a while, a film finds you. After a lot of back and forth, you watch it. You live through it. You find pieces of yourself in the characters. You see yourself breathing in those fleeting dark and light shots. It revives you, makes your heart heavy yet makes…

Stories change lives and Captain Abu Raed is one among them written about the power of storytelling. This is a cinematic poetry on friendship and courage among generations. Our hero is airport janitor Abu Raed, a lonely man with a big heart and small pockets who comes across a captain’s…

Devastating. Heart-wrenching. Tear jerker.

Hope is a story of hope. How a family, a child carries on with life and smiles after a soul-shattering crime befalls them. It is a story of healing. It is a story of a million little girls. It is a story of friendship. It is a story of courage. It is a story of shame.

To tell a story is one thing, to tell a story with utter sensitivity and simplicity is another. Hope is raw and innocent. Hope is something and someone to admire. Hope is what makes life worth living and loving, maybe a second time.

A 9 years old Korean girl in a blue dress under a yellow umbrella with a pink school bag on her back.
‘Hope’ is based off a real life incident that caused a uproar on the streets of South Korea.

One moment of strength, one moment of rebellion, one moment of support is all it took for the women of Hellaro to shake the patriarchy to its core. Set in a small village in Kutch, Hellaro is based on a folklore, one that empowers women. The women of this community…

Every pair of eyes sees this world differently, yet we get caught up in the herd mentality. Sanjay Mishra as Bauji inspires us to find our own truth through personal experiences. Bauji is foolish yet wise, he is insane yet saintly and he is the knowledgeable fool in our story…

Snigdha Maheshwari

Student | Fuels her grind with poetry, philosophy, art, music and travelling. Advocates for feminism, mental health and courage. Likes to talk in third person.

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